red onlyWe think too much and feel too little. We have been molded by repression and crave full expression. We engage in shallow relationships, banal conversation, and hollow pastimes – and wonder why we feel empty and alone. We want more, and don’t know how to get it. When we get it, we don’t know how to accept it. This is the nature of the separated life – when mind, body and spirit are disconnected.

The antidote is to live a sensual life. A life of connection and integration. A life of full feeling and expression. Where you have access to your life force energy. Where you experience depth and feeling. Where you know your essence, live from your spirit, and are anchored in your body.

Curious? Intrigued? Pissed off? Suspicious? Or maybe, in reading those two paragraphs, you feel you’ve come home. Either way, welcome.