Monica Day

Monica Day is a writer, artist, creator, producer, performer, coach, entrepreneur and instigator, with a deep commitment to an ever-unfolding personal journey. She brings a unique combination of training in creativity, sensuality, diversity, and business to her work. Her performance credits include: Song of the Sacred Whore, The Secret Order of the Libertines: An Intimate Revolution, and numerous appearances at the Erotic Literary Salon and other spoken word and storytelling venues in NYC and Philadelphia.

She runs Ducky Life Tea with her two daughters, is the founder of The Sensual Life, and is an Integrative Coach to individuals, executives, and groups. She has developed a unique approach to coaching that focuses on integrating the scattered self into the most powerful, purest, and fully-expressed self. She coaches a diverse range of individuals from business leaders to social change activists and everything in between.

Her innovative individual and group programs cover topics from sensuality to creativity to business to larger social issues of race and oppression (often in the same session). By forging powerful links between the private self to the public self, clients eventually realize an unprecedented feeling of wholeness that is life-changing. Her coaching is based on the premise that the more connected we are to every part of ourselves, the more connected we can be with one another, and the bigger impact we can have during our time here on the planet.  She is currently on the faculty of Rich Litvin’s 4PC Project, a program for the top 4% of coaches in the world.