Creativity: The Orgasm of the Mind

“Creativity is to the mind what orgasm is to the body. A fuel source, an agent of activation, an enlivening energy that brings forth some of our finest achievements. And like orgasm, while it might be thrilling to watch someone else’s creative expressions, it doesn’t take the place of having our own.

Creativity can come in many forms, and is an essential element of all parts of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom, as they say. While it may or may not end with a product, there is always a process that teases out sides of us we might not otherwise know how to express. And on a larger scale, creativity is responsible for every single human innovation and advancement.

And yet, we sometimes treat our creativity as if it’s a frivolous luxury. Something that can only be entertained after other, more serious and traditionally productive tasks have been handled. And many find themselves never having a sliver of that kind of time.

There is a death in this that none of us can afford. ”

Monica Day
excerpted from The 300% Life: Finding Connection in a Disconnected World