About The Salon

A private group coaching experience
July – December 2016

How often do we get to just share the truth about ourselves?

To fully express ourselves without encountering judgments, unwanted advice, or someone else’s morality and rules?


For most of us, the answer is: not often enough.

For some, the answer is: never.

Let’s change that. In fact, let’s change everything, shall we?

What if you could just ditch the filters? 

Somewhere along the line, we’re taught to keep certain things private. To not hurt other people’s feelings. To not be selfish.

Or maybe we learn that we get more attention when we complain. Or when we brag. When we stay strong and silent. Or when we are loud and we laugh a lot.

Eventually, our relationship to the truth of how we feel — in our bodies not just in our minds — becomes distant.

We learn how to fit in. We adjust to the expectations of us. But it leaves a gap inside us.

Underneath all of it — the adaptations and adjustments you make to fit in — there lives a true you. An exquisite you.

Unafraid. Wild. Vulnerable. Loving. Pissed off. Grounded. Noble. And dirty. 

What would be possible in your life if you could live from THAT place? Would you like to find out?

You are invited…

Join me and spend six months in a small, private coaching group — limited to a total of six people, men and women — who are willing to share themselves honestly with one another. Who are curious about who they are as sensual beings. And who are willing to dive into very private territory in a small group setting.

Now, I should pause a moment here to explain. When most people hear the word “sensual” in their mind, they immediately think it is a code word for “sexual” — and a very specific type of sexual, something soft and loving and tender.

Well, sometimes, that’s true. For about 3-5% of the time, it’s true. Here’s what’s true the other 95-97% of the time…

Our sexuality is on the continuum of our sensual experience. But our sensuality is far wider, deeper, and more expansive than just that one aspect. And in this group, we will travel the whole range of it together.

You are in sensual terrain every single moment of your life.

That’s right. Every. Single. Moment.

When you hold your dying parent’s hand in yours. When your oldest child gets in the car and takes their first solo drive and your stomach drops into your toes. When you hear of a tragedy across the world, and your eyes instantly fill with tears. When the familiar scent of cherry blossom fills your nostrils and tells you its spring. When you wake up in the middle of the night, and the quality of the light is different in your house, and you can sense something is amiss and you go make sure the front door is locked.

You were born into a body, and that body is constantly feeding you information. It is constantly engaged with the world. It is part of your radar system — and is much more reliable than your mind. Much, much more.

Unlike your mind, your body doesn’t lie.

So when I talk about your SENSUAL life, I’m really talking about your LIFE. Period. And how you can live it, anchored in truth.

I’ll be honest — the buzz words in my industry make me crazy.

Transformational. Authentic. Powerful. But they speak to a deep truth. We all want these things. And we turn to coaches and mentors and workshops and all manner of experiences to find them.

But we are looking in the wrong place. Everything you need is already inside you. The minute you gain access to it, you’ll see for yourself.

Aligning with your own sensual experience
and expression is the key to unlocking
everything else you’re looking for.

There it is. That’s the crazy secret about this opportunity…

red-swirl-hiEven if we never talk directly about making more money — you will make more money (if that’s something you truly want)
red-swirl-hiYou won’t be given a list of new sex positions to try — but you’ll start having better and more sex (if that’s something that you want)
red-swirl-hiWe won’t focus per se on your goals or help you to be accountable — but you’ll find yourself getting more of what you want and feeling more motivated and clear

That’s because it isn’t in WHAT we talk about, it is in HOW we talk about it. The lens we will use to explore your life will change, and thus, so will everything in your life.

It’s really that simple. And that challenging.

That’s the beauty of doing this together, with a committed group of people — and a coach who knows this terrain, very very well.

ChristineConforti.DJheadshot“This work– and this woman– have literally changed my life. It’s impossible for friends and family not to notice. More confidence. More power. More turn-on. More creativity. More freedom. Since working with Monica I’ve gained the confidence and tapped my creativity to launch a website, develop the blueprint for my personal evolution movement, and enroll my first $10,000 client. It’s all a direct result of internalizing her sensual way of being and learning to channel my sexual energy into outward expression and business creation.”

Christine Conforti


red-swirl-hiSessions with a select group of like-minded men and women three times a month
red-swirl-hiOn-demand individual private sessions with me when needed
red-swirl-hiVirtually unlimited access to email coaching with me

red-swirl-hiSecret Facebook page with other group members for community sharing
red-swirl-hiAccess to the ongoing course, The Sensual Life: A New Way of Being and all the course materials

red-swirl-hiAnd, as a special bonus, I’m including entry to my weekend intensive, The Essensual Experience in Philadelphia (September 16-18, 2016), valued at $1,197. This is included at no extra charge to you.

Allison“I can’t stop thinking about our session on desire!

So much that I hired Monica to speak at an event I’m having. I love the exquisite paradox of deep desire and wild dreams and wants and deep contentment and satisfaction. I’m looking forward to exploring more in the upcoming sessions. xo xo xo”

Allison Crow Flanigin


The Interplay Between the Coaching and the Curriculum

The curriculum for this group is anchored in the online course, The Sensual Life: A New Way of Being— and if you aren’t already in that course, you’ll be given immediate access to it. (If you are in the course, you’ll pay a reduced rate to be in the Salon).

Having this shared curriculum ensures that the group will have a solid foundation of concepts, ideas, and experiences as a starting place for the exploration.

From there, it gets very personal.

Adam Cropped


“I’ve worked with Monica in a variety of capacities, and in each of them, one thing is clear: She’s a wizard.

Monica creates permission, ease, and serenity in her presence. She creates the gift of letting you be exactly as you are, and that grants permission to step in to the person that you want to be. Working with Monica isn’t something you can boil down to a series of steps, because that would be like trying to create science from magic.”

Adam Quiney

Confidentiality will be a cornerstone of this group. It will also be led and held by all as a non-judgmental space — I call it a BYOM opportunity: Bring Your Own Morality. That said, you will also have the opportunity to learn from one another, to engage with one another on the materials, and to learn more quickly and more deeply, for having a community for both safety and exploration.

I could give you a long bulleted list of outcomes — tell you how your relationships, your business, your sex — will all improve. Because they will. But honestly, those are not the results I want you to focus on when you consider joining this group.

Here’s the one and only reason I would encourage you to join this group:

You will feel at home in your own skin.
Comfortable with what you want, what you don’t want.
At peace with who you are, at your core.

That’s it. That’s the whole game, right there.

You will be more YOU than you have ever been before. You will be at ease with yourself.

Jennifer H“I am so grateful to be on this journey. I had the opportunity to spend more time with our latest assignment and it was amazing. I feel so grateful, enlivened and something has shifted inside of me in a new way. I really see how all things that were occurring in my life until now was all in service to arriving here, as it seems with everything in life.


I enjoy being with this group, exploring with you, being with you, and receiving the wonderful and plentiful gifts from Monica in the energetic experience that occurs in our live sessions.”

Jennifer Herrera

Now, I can’t say that will happen within the six months. Everyone has their own pace, their own resistance. But I can tell you this:

You will have the foundation in six months to build on. You will have all the tools. And you will have created the time and intention. And called in the people to walk with along the way.

And that, right there, is the recipe. The rest — icing on the cake.

Let Me Know You Want It

Use the form below to let me know you want to join the group. If I have more than 6 people who are a fit, I will create two groups — so there is potentially room for 12 people for this session.

This will be the only time I offer this opportunity in 2016, maybe ever. So please don’t put it off until “next time.” If there is one thing I know about life, it’s that we don’t get a guarantee of “next time.”

If this speaks to you, please speak to me. Period.

I don’t accept everyone who applies. It’s important that we have a conversation first. It’s important to me that the Salon feel like a fit for everyone in it — so let’s have a conversation and make sure it is a fit for us both before you formally enroll.

Aja” I have been doing group coaching work with Monica Day for the past two years, and it’s hard to find the words to describe how it has changed my life. I am so much more in my body and take much better care of myself. I am more grounded and capable of bringing myself back to the present when my mind and ego try to take me for a ride.

I’ve resolved and released negative patterns that started with family but spread to all my relationships.  I’ve figured out what I want to do professionally and where I want to do it. And I finally feel like the emotional barriers I had up to becoming a parent have fallen, and it’s now just a matter of time and practical concerns.

My relationships are different. My work is different. I’m more me than I ever have been. I’m pretty darn sure I wouldn’t have managed all of that if I’d continued to flounder alone in the dark place I was at a little over 2 years ago.  Monica has this incredible intuition, the courage to say what’s real, an enormous amount of love, a wealth of knowledge, and no judgment.”

Aja Bryant

Last But Not Least

The investment for this Salon is $5,000.

Enroll and pay in full by Monday, May 30th and pay just $4,000.
Plus, I’ll throw in a bonus 2-hour one-on-one session before the Salon begins in July.

To be honest, I suspect some people who know me and my work have been waiting for this — quite patiently — and are ready to dive in. I’d like to reward that kind of commitment and decision, and make it easy for us both to get started.

Squirrels_Slipper_Room_May_29th_2013_2372_of_1296_“Monica, what a ride our coaching journey been! When I look back, it’s difficult for me to recognize the woman who started coaching with you as me. There’s been so much growth! You’ve helped me excavate, identify, embrace, and embody some of my deepest desires. You’ve walked with me through moments of doubt and fear, offering your gentle yet firm guidance. You gave me the space to walk away from our coaching at the brink of a major breakthrough to seek the growth I was desiring elsewhere, allowing me the experience of realizing the extent and value of our work together while uncovering and transforming a deeply grooved toxic pattern in the process. 

Your coaching is bold and adventurous, assuredly relying on your wisdom and instinct to lead on the path of twists and turns that organically materialize. I am your partner in the coaching dance. As your skill becomes ever more brilliant and masterful, I continue to blossom in the radiance of your light.

It is a true pleasure and honor to have someone as powerful and turned on as you illuminating my life journey.”

Gisela Viera

Monica in beige on wall ZFAbout Me

Maybe we don’t know one another. Maybe someone passed this along to you — since there are only 6 spaces available, I’ve mostly put this opportunity out among my existing network — or maybe you stumbled across it online.

What you should know is, I don’t just teach or coach this work — I live it. I’ve developed my approach over many years. I’ve incorporated things I’ve learned from others — of course, as we all do — but then, I’ve seasoned it with what I’ve learned along the way personally, and what I’ve observed in the people I’ve had the honor of working with professionally.

Please, take a minute to check out my bio on this site, and also, the course information for the online course — as well as the video on that page. Search me up and down on the internet. Ask anyone about me. And contact me directly.

I value openness and transparency. I don’t live behind some wall of personality. I don’t sit around in a pink boa and high heels. I come to you straight, undiluted, and unfiltered. I like us to have fun when we work together. I like us to laugh as much as we cry. And I like us to be in truth with one another.

So, don’t set me up a some guru, and I won’t kiss your ass. Instead, let’s be real and respectful and loving with one another. Let’s honor that we are going to spend a powerful period of time together.

I am grateful that you’ve even read this far. And I am always honored when someone let’s me into their world in this way. My work is a gift. As is your life.

Let’s share our gifts with one another, shall we?

I look forward to hearing from you.








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