About The Course

The Sensual Life:
A New Way of Being

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it.
I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

– Diane Ackerman, author of Natural History of the Senses


In our culture, sensuality is often only understood in relationship to sexuality. But there is so much more to it than that.

In this course, we will explore a much wider range of sensual experience and expression than most people ever do.

We begin with this premise: If we were born into a body, we are probably meant to USE this vehicle in powerful ways, throughout our lifetime.

We are probably meant to gather wisdom using our senses. We are probably meant to value the information our senses reveal to us. We are probably meant to use these powerful tools of connection that we all have — as an expression of our human experience.

And yet, we spend so much time rejecting, ignoring, avoiding and over-thinking the many forms of wisdom that filter to us through our senses.

Put in simpler terms —

TSLWe think too much, and feel too little. And then, because of this imbalance, we miss out on so much of our human experience. So we end up feeling empty, and dissatisfied.

Many of the most potent and memorable experiences in our lives are not a result of thinking something profound, but are a result of feeling something powerful.

No, we don’t need to stop thinking. And no, I’m not suggesting we become a pinball that just bounces from one fleeting feeling to another.

I am suggesting that we are out of balance.

Many of us have been molded by repression, and we crave full expression. We are confined in boxes that tell us how to be — wife, mother, daughter, husband, son, father — but the boxes are too small.

There is more of us than we can ever fit into a box.

We walk around with a gnawing feeling — we want more. But we don’t even know what that is. Is it stuff? Is it money? Sex, love? House, car? Luxury, leisure, vacation? Freedom?

What the fuck is it?

Because here’s the thing — when we get “more” — we sometimes don’t recognize it. Or we can’t let it in.

This is the nature of the separated life –
when mind, body and spirit are disconnected.

And it’s driving us crazy. Literally.

The antidote is to live a sensual life. A life of connection and integration. A life of full feeling and expression. Where you have access to your life force energy. Where you experience depth and feeling. Where you know your essence, live from your spirit, and are anchored in your body.

THIS is what we explore in The Sensual Life: A New Way of Being.
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This course will feel completely foreign and strangely familiar all at once. It speaks to a deeper part of ourselves — and gives us access to our lost and disparate pieces.

Little by little, week by week, we become whole again. An integrated self, no longer trying to fit into neat little boxes and crisp and clear identities and distinct, suffocating roles.

As all discoveries must…this journey starts with the SELF.

swirl6aBecome more aware of sensation in the body and drop the constant stream of judgment that lives in the mind

swirl6aRecognize your desires and live into them more fully

swirl6aExpand your experience of orgasm, and bring that energy into every part of your life

swirl6a Reclaim your creativity, and use it to feel more fully expressed

swirl6aUnderstand where you are in your life cycle, and what this time in your life is asking of you

Then, we look at ourselves in RELATIONSHIP with others…

swirl6aSee vulnerability as a source of strength and power

swirl6aDive deeper into the delicious complexities of sex with others

swirl6aDiscover the “right relationship” with everyone in your life

swirl6a Learn how to create in connection with others

swirl6aRelease attachment and embrace the risk of honesty

How are you shaped (and often limited by) the CULTURE you live in?

swirl6aConsider whether your roles and identities are serving or holding you hostage — or if they are even yours

swirl6aFind out what happens if you take off the culture cloak — what changes?

swirl6aTap into life force energy and apply it to every part of your life

swirl6aConnect with your career in more meaningful ways, so it becomes an expression of your essence, not just a means of survival

swirl6aLearn the delicate balance between freedom and responsibility

Finally, we enter the SPIRIT through a brand new gateway.

We don’t transcend the body to get to the spiritual…but rather, we use the body as vehicle to the spirit. And, ultimately, we begin to reconnect the spirit to the mind and the body, for a more integrated approach to our lives.

swirl6aInhabit the complicated dance of masculine and feminine — and the two-spiritedness — that runs through us all

swirl6aFind the relationship between wildness and surrender

swirl6aContemplate the true nature of power

swirl6a Learn how to use power in positive ways and make changes that connect us with one another more deeply

swirl6aLand into an integrated place, where everything that is now divided, becomes whole and complete.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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I’ve spent years developing this material — and sharing it with clients privately. But it’s always been my dream to share more widely.

This course is the beginning of fulfilling that dream, and I would be honored if you would join me.

Each call will include both content on the topic, and discussion with live participants. But because all sessions are recorded, you can listen to them at your convenience, on your own schedule. Plus, there are monthly “office hours” when you can just drop in, as well as a review call at the end of each module.

I hope you’ll join me.
(Click here for full course outline and details)

I promise you, it will change everything — in the best possible way.

UPDATE: The Sensual Life Course is currently closed to new members. 
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Much love,