The Infinite Woman OPENS


January 18-21, 2018
Sedona, AZ


My women, my sisters,

Reflections of my self,

There are so many messages about who we are as women, who we are supposed to be, what is possible for us (and what isn’t) — it’s exhausting. And hard to know where you fit in. Or if you even want to.

Clearly, we are powerful beings. Clearly, we still don’t know exactly how powerful we are — or how to use that power wisely and effectively.

Somewhere along the way, we started to see the ways we are powerful as less than. We started to believe that our vulnerability was weakness, that our sex was dirty, that our desires were too much.

And the shame. Oh, so much fucking shame. Shame that others put on us. And yes, ways that we joined in, and shamed each other.

So much so that we ourselves have become distant and separated — from ourselves and from one another. And from our primal feminine essence.

From this essence, everything else – what we feel, how we love, our impact in the world, our joy, our purpose – becomes visible. Known. Possible.

Our leadership. Our vulnerability. Our tenderness. Our power. Our sensual and sexual expression. Even the dance with our masculine selves – all depends on having a healthy, intact, integrated and fully expressed – relationship with our sacred feminine selves.

But how do we bridge the distance so many of us feel from this part of ourselves? What does the road look like to this sacred integration — to live your life as an embodied, activated, powerful, balanced, deeply feminine, fully expressed sensual and sexual woman in the world – in this world? What becomes possible? What gets scary? And how can we claim this for ourselves, our daughters, and our communities?

If you would like to find out, this invitation is for you…

Let’s Remember Who We Are, Together.

You are invited to dedicate three days to this most precious, most creative, most powerful part of yourself.

Release her, explore her – and then integrate her into every aspect of your life. So she becomes your pulse, your breath, your source.

Let’s revel in the beauty that is our physical bodies — in all their shapes and sizes. Let’s dance and stretch and play together.

Let’s discuss pleasure and happiness — and how we can make every moment more orgasmic.

Let’s get raw and uncomfortable. Let’s press the pause button on being “nice” or “good” girls. Let’s express our wildness to one another – creatively, vulnerably.

Let’s want how much we want. Without judging ourselves or one another.

And finally, let’s explore the path to take everything we do together, and make it part of our lives back home.

This weekend is not about improving your relationships – even though it will.

This weekend is not about feeling sexier, more confident, more juicy – even though you will.

This weekend is not about having better sex, more powerful orgasms, or increased pleasure in the bedroom – even though you will.

This weekend is about discovering and
claiming an essential part of your very being.
It is about tapping into a source of life,
of energy, of essence – that is uniquely yours.

The voices outside of us are LOUD. The drivel of mainstream magazines, the mind-numbing fashion and beauty industry, the have-it-all mindset that can be more exhausting than freeing.

Not to mention the unique encoding of race, class, culture, religion, and family constellation – all shaping our womanhood. But underneath it all, every woman wants to access certain CORE TRUTHS in her life:


  • Why we hold ourselves back, and how to stop buying, and selling others on, our limitations.
  • Why we often operate in competition with each other, rather than sisterhood…and how much more we could achieve with the support of other women.
  • Why we feel scarce or empty sometimes, and how we can feel more of the abundance in our lives.
  • How love can crack us open in the best possible way.
  • Who we truly are, underneath all the ways that we’ve learned to hide our desires protect ourselves from harm.
  • How jealousy can open us up to our deepest desires if we let it.
  • How we can live fully into our potential in every area of our lives.
  • What it takes to surrender completely and with abandon, in the most beautiful, safe and nourishing ways.
  • How to release the vast storage of rage and repressed anger that lives just under the surface…and scares the shit out of us.
  • Why we must exercise our creativity in every aspect of our life in the same way that we need to breathe and drink water and sleep every day.
  • That we can stop fucking apologizing for who we are.
  • That we are infinitely more loving and compassionate than we even realized.

    I discovered quickly how out of touch I had become with myself. Without even being aware of it, I realized I had been navigating my life for a very long time, in a very masculine way. Monica helped me remember who I am, and for the first time in my life, I fell in love with myself.

    I literally had a moment where I saw myself through God’s eyes. It was a remarkable, unforgettable, life altering experience. Since I have returned home, I am continuing to find the balance of the masculine/feminine energy and how I walk through my life. I am so much kinder and gentle on myself.

    I don’t really know how to explain how profoundly changed I am in words. I can only say this woman has the ability to remain so soft and true with a tender loving heart but has the ability to stir things up and help shift your perspectives in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.  — Jennie S. 

Am I An Infinite Woman?

OrgasmYes. You are. We all are.

Even if we’ve forgotten. Even if we’ve been convinced otherwise. Even if we feel broken, alone. Even if we’ve been manipulative, petty and small. Even when we loathe ourselves, doubt our worth and goodness. Even if we are terrified of our own power and potential.

What makes you a fit for this experience is readiness.

This is an intensive experience designed for the woman who is ready to dive deep, and is willing to see what might be there, in the most hidden parts of herself.

This is for the woman who is willing to play hard, to love deeply, to explore intimacy and vulnerability, to be witnessed, and to see others clearly.

Most of all, this is for the woman who is ready to discover
– and reveal – her full power and strength.

We have space for 8 women only. There is no “Buy Now” button at the bottom — if this speaks to you, please be in touch.

This is a curated experience that features opportunities for full expression, edgy conversation, and breaking the rules.

It is not for the faint-hearted. Or the easily triggered. That said, the space will be loving, gentle, welcoming, and joyous.

Oh…and we will probably laugh our asses off. Often.

This also an immersive experience. 






We will live together for these three days in one big comfy and beautiful (and private!) home — sharing meals, stories, insights — both during our circle time but also, during the in-between moments as well. There will be plenty of space to rest and reflect, to dance and rejoice, to be solitary or social.

In the true spirit of a retreat, this will be three days for you to unplug from your daily life — and find new aspects of yourself that you might want to meet and explore.

We will talk, of course. But really – this exploration requires so much more, and different, than talking. So we will also have times of quiet and times of volume. Lots and lots of volume!

We will be creative. We will move and explore our bodies – and learn to understand what they are saying. And we will share our deepest truths with one another. We will spend time in both the large group, as well as in small groups and partnered exercises.

Everything – absolutely every thing – we do, discuss, and propose is optional and confidential. This material is explored in a coaching context – NOT a therapy context. That said, we give the utmost of care when it comes to communication and consent and safety of the space, and recognize the risk and tenderness of the material.


When I first met you, and heard about this retreat, my marriage was about to turn 20 years and my oldest child was heading to college — my emotions were raw at best. Your honesty and ability to hold me where I was, and yet encourage me to explore where I needed to go, is unlike any other coach I have worked with.

It’s not really what you said, it’s what you didn’t say. You gave me support to see my own feminine strength. I had always sat in such a strong hold of masculine energy because I thought I had to, it was wearing me down and becoming so heavy. I have never felt so light. My body has been released to feel more feminine because I’ve let go of feeling the need to control so much. Those small things lead to huge changes in my relationship with my husband. I was able to trust more, which sounds pretty unbelievable, trusting more after 20 years together, who knew…there was more to trust.

I’ve been so excited, energized and honestly turned on by how much growth we’ve found with each other, especially at a time when so many couples we know are splitting up. My holding back more brought out a whole new side of him that I am falling even more in love with. He is thankful for the work we have done together as well as he is seeing the benefits. Thank you for hugging my young self and for introducing her to my powerful sexual goddess. This is a continuing journey that I am and I couldn’t be more grateful that you have lead the way. — Allison K.

Monica Disney

About the Leadership of this Experience.

My name is Monica Day.

I’ve spent the past 10 years exploring sexuality, sensuality, and creativity from many perspectives.

First, as a writer, coach, trainer and facilitator. I created The Sensual Life as a container for this exploration, and have developed and led workshops on personal growth and awareness, sensuality and sexuality, communication skills, and relationship dynamics.

Then, as a performer and producer. I’m passionate about authentic expression – and create spaces where authentic, vulnerable, powerful voices can be heard. I hold a belief that our individual stories, powerfully shared, have the potential to impact cultural conversations, and ultimately, create dynamic and responsible change in the world.
Monica SSW

This led me to perform and produce in the artistic realm. An open mic and curated performance show in NYC and Philadelphia called Essensuality: An Evening of Erotic Expression. My own one-woman show called Song of the Sacred Whore, and a collaborative production called Secret Order of the Libertines: An Intimate Revolution – both of which were featured in the Philly Fringe Festival. And today, I run a program called The Power of One, where I lead others through this powerful experience of self-expression.

My professional path has included working with start-up companies, such as Odwalla and The Republic of Tea, dozens of businesses and nonprofits as a consultant, and thousands of hours with groups and individuals to build skills in the areas of diversity, communication, and collective decision-making.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, through this diverse and complicated path I’ve chosen, it is this:

Our best self is our whole self. Our unfiltered self.
The authentic person we are when we are not trying
to fit into tiny boxes and roles and stereotypes.

Ultimately, that’s both what I do, and who I am: an advocate and instigator of embodied, integrated, activated, be your whole fucking self, live your biggest life, always.

I think that’s what changes the world.

The Commitment.

Show up fully to this experience, from wherever you are. Nervous, excited, undone. Ready, grounded, steady. Turned on, flat,. Empty, full. It’s all perfect. There will be places for you to explore personally, and places for us to explore together, as a circle. Come ready to play full out, to be your most honest and authentic self, to be fully present for the entire three days.

If you’re saying YES to this, then the time and place and people are perfect. Trust yourself.

Your tuition for The Infinite Woman OPENS is $1,899 and it includes your lodging and meals. This is an immersive residential experience, and there are a max of 8 spaces available. 


What’s next?

If you’ve read this far, something here has spoken to you. You may even be feeling sensations in your body – heart racing, breath shallow. 

That’s a sign that you should be in touch.

Most women who come to this experience already feel a certain knowing, a pull from a deep part of themselves, a longing maybe – even if they don’t have words for it. I know I didn’t. But somehow, when the opportunity presented itself, I just knew.

Turning that sense of knowing into a commitment begins with a conversation. It is a dance of trust between us that ultimately becomes a love affair. A sisterhood. A coming home – to yourself – in the presence of other women.

Let’s not rush that. Let’s start with an email. Tell me:

Monica outsideWhat spoke to you in this letter?
What did it stir for you? And is there anything that would hold you back from coming?

Be bold. Be vulnerable. Be honest. And then, take a deep breath, and send it to me at And we’ll go from there.

I can’t wait to hear from you. And play together.

And watch you open to discover the INFINITE WOMAN you have always been.




Much love,