The 300% Life: An Unusual Unconference

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-11-27-37-amMarch 9-12, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

Just Because You Get Up Every Day 
Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive

It’s so easy to allow our lives to pass us by.

One day fades into the next. Bills have to be paid, promises kept, smash_alarm_clockresponsibilities handled. We turn on the TV to relieve stress, maybe pour a little wine to unwind, or escape into a book.

Life becomes a norm of crushing busyness, punctuated with weekend plans here and there, and the occasional vacation. Until one day you wake up and ask yourself, “Is this really it?”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It takes something to create a powerful life.
A life where you live those dreams.
Where you feel fully alive, wide awake, powerfully expressed. 




The 300% Life is a 3-day experience
that will get you:

Into your body
Out of your comfort zone
Over your stories of lack and limitation
Through your resistance
Connected to your creativity
Plugged in to your source energy
Fully f*cking expressed
Unapologetically yourself




“I was surprised by the common thread of our stories, and how the space created allowed and encouraged me to go deep and honest in my sharing. It’s life changing. A pivotal moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”
— Stacy Menditto

What Makes The 300% Life an Unusual Unconference?

This isn’t your average hotel-based conference, where you sit and take notes all day, make polite chit chat during breaks — and then go home to figure out how to apply everything you learned to your life. Alone.

We all know too well how that usually goes. A tiny bit sticks — but a lot doesn’t.

You won’t just talk ABOUT the things you want to do, the way you want to be, the person you think you could become. You get a chance to BE that person you see in your mind’s eye — in real time. That’s because this event is more experiential in nature — a chance for you to actually try something new, not just think about it, or hear about it from other people.

That’s what makes this an UNconference.

You’ll have fun. You might get offended, you’ll probably hear a lot of grown-up words. You’ll probably say some too.

We will pierce the veneer of “professional” behavior. We will be unapologetically raw and real together. Which sounds scary, I know. But in truth, it feels really good to drop the pretense, to be more honest, to be fully seen. And to witness the unapologetic realness of others.

You can apply what you experience at the unconference
to any part of your life — your business, your relationship,
your parenting, your friendships — seriously, anything.


By the end of the three days, you will:

Feel more alive, more engaged, more passionate about your life
Be more confident in your choices 
Easily change negative habits that cause undue stress, health problems and financial worries
Face and fix issues and challenges in your life
Realize your potential to be more innovative and creative 
Take action, often in areas of your life where you’ve been stuck for years 
Become more emotionally resilient and able to withstand life’s challenges
Think bigger, take more risks, and think outside of the box

There are so many ways to put this event to work in your life. You will find that your voice is more clear whenever you share yourself — whether it’s at work or in your relationship. You will undo a lot of the invisible ties, binding you to aspects of your life that don’t work.

You will gain courage — rock solid, kickass courage — the kind you need to make changes to your life, to create something new, or to put an end to whatever isn’t working.


“AMAZING! Life changing…opened up my communication best-monica-and-sunnywith everyone in a whole new way. Made me less afraid to express myself and how I truly feel. I have the knack for being able to “beat around the bush” with things that are all filler really, and Monica, you really got down to the deep place that I have always been scared to come from.”
— Sunny Pierce



Who should attend
The 300% Life Unusual Unconference?


Late bloomers

And anyone who is:

In a life transition
Sick of this sh*t
Bursting with unfocused energy
Finally ready


Today — more than ever — you need the ability to speak your truth, to be connected and present with others, to know how to be grounded and safe, loving and engaged, fierce and courageous.

And by the end of this workshop — you will be well on your way.

You know all those times when you have something important to say and you second guess yourself? Done.

You know how you are always thinking, “if only…” followed by some wish or want you think you can’t have? Over.

You know how you get frustrated, how the world around you feels frightening, how you just want to scream sometimes? Well, that will still happen (you’re going to enter the event and leave the event as a human being, right?).

But here’s the difference…Those feelings won’t own you — or stop you — anymore.



Why Me, Why Now, Why This?

In my work as a coach, I have some pretty difficult conversations with people. In a recent exchange with a client who felt completely overwhelmed by her life, she kept saying over and over, “I don’t know how to make it stop.”

In the past few years, I’ve known a lot of losses — a brother to a brain tumor, a father to lymphoma, a friend who lost a child to SIDS, another family member with pancreatic cancer, a friend whose sister was killed in a car accident. I’m sure I’m not alone. Life has a way of reminding us of its impermanence.

“Well, I know exactly what would make it stop,” I told her. She dissolved into tears.

“Sometimes I think that’s what I’m waiting for,” she admitted. And then quickly she said, “I can’t believe I just said that.”

It happens to the best of us. We become victims of our lives. We hold back from sharing our desires, telling our deepest truth — and we settle for lives of quiet desperation, of incessant busyness. We tell ourselves it’s the only way.

I’ll be honest with you — that’s not the world I want to live in. And I don’t think you want that either. Not for yourself. Not for anyone you love.

I think we all want the same thing…

A world where people are wide awake, turned on, living out loud, from love, in their power. Not from a kumbaya, can’t-we-all-just-get-along place — but from a place of deep truth and radical expression and full feeling.

I am convinced it changes the world. And I know it will at the very least change your life.

Don’t take my word for it. Show up and discover for yourself.

The 300% Life will challenge you…essensuality workshop presentation, april 16-2012 Philadelphia

  • to get in touch with your desires, and learn how to share them powerfully
  • to tap into a sense of purpose, so your life feels less busy and more inspired
  • to find your voice, and express yourself with comfort and ease
  • to feel alive in every moment, every day
  • to shake off whatever messages you have that are in your way
  • to stake a claim on a dream you have, and replace empty talk with powerful action



If I’ve learned one thing in my 30+ years of working with people — from all backgrounds, all cultures, all classes — it is this: we all have everything we need to create the lives we want. There’s no guru. No magic pill. No silver bullet.

I don’t know what it is for YOU. But I guarantee — you know.

And if you give yourself a few days — of space, of time, of edgy experiences designed to lead you to your own wisdom and knowing, and a way to locate and share your own voice — you will leave with a 300% Life. Yours.

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The Details

Maas Building, Art and Performance SpacePLACE: Maas Building, 1325 N. Randolph St., Philadelphia

Located in up-and-coming Olde Kensington, convenient to Northern Liberties and Old City, with a vibrant arts and restaurant scene — the Maas Building is unique, indeed.

Part theater, part movement studio, part open space for your imagination. And we will use it in all of these ways, throughout the weekend.

Because there’s something about standing on a stage, in front of an audience, that is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. It forces us to speak up, to be a bigger version of ourselves.

There’s something about having space to move, to explore the way the body speaks when it’s given free reign. And to be freed from the tyranny of tables and desks and rooms without windows.

At this event, you’ll receive an invitation into a level of expression that — when applied to your life — can be a breakthrough in finding your purpose, your message, and even, into being more open, more vulnerable, more intimate and revealing yourself more comfortably to more people than you otherwise might do.

You will be amazed at the impact this can have on your life.

We will have an wine-and-appetizer reception on our first evening, and lunch will be provided on our last day. Upon arrival, you will receive a complete list of options within walking or a short drive of the venue. There is also a refrigerator and kitchenette area if you would like to bring your own meals.

There are numerous hotels at various price points in Center City Philadelphia, as well as a number of AirBnB properties within walking distance of the venue. We do not have a block of rooms in any one place, but instead, suggest you assess your options and choose one that works for you.

The closest airports are Philadelphia (25 minutes) or Newark (90 minutes), or 30th Street Station for train or bus options. The venue itself is convenient to light rail, bus, and subway, and there is ample street parking in the neighborhood.

As soon as you register, you’ll be placed into the private Facebook group so you can connect with others who are coming. If you want to share lodging, arrange for airport connections and pick-up, or just get acquainted in advance, this is the place to go.

We will begin on Thursday evening with registration and a reception at 6pm at the venue, followed by the opening program from 7:00-9:00pm. Friday and Saturday goes from 10am to 6pm and will include a combination of large group and small group activities — and punctuated by breaks and lunch on your own. There will be optional activities both evenings, and you’ll receive more information about the schedule when you register. Sunday afternoon is our finale and goodbyes. We will conclude by 4pm.

The fee to attend The 300% Life is $799 and includes welcome reception and opening performance, three days of small and large group activities, Sunday group lunch, as well as access to follow up group calls designed to integrate the event into your daily life.

Register by 2/9/17 and pay the early bird rate of just $599.

Why not bring a friend and save even more?
Register by 2/9/17 using the buddy rate, and you’ll get two tickets for just $999.
(You don’t even have to know who you’re bringing when you register!
You can let us know when you do.) 

Reach out if you have any questions about the logistics of this event, and your own personal needs in this area, before you register.

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Sexy Biz

Just Say Yes

Yes, it’s risky. Yes, it’s edgy. Yes, you are going to try new things. Some of it will be scary.

What if you JUST SAY YES to it all?

We spend so much of our lives second guessing ourselves. Holding back. Worrying about — will this be worth it? What if it isn’t? What if , what if, what if…

Life is full of them.

Here’s the thing about The 300% Life…

There’s literally no way to not get something out of this experience. It’s not possible. That’s the thing about having an experience, versus taking a class or going to a conference.

The value of a conference is based on the information shared, the expertise of the leadership, the elbows you’ll rub. But this event is an experience. And there is no such thing as an experience that doesn’t have an impact. That is why experiential learning is so powerful.

You simply can’t f*ck up an experience up. You can’t get it wrong. You can’t know in advance what will happen or how you will use it later. You can’t predict how you’ll feel. But you will transform in meaningful ways — that much is guaranteed.

Sounds a lot like life, doesn’t it?

You just have to wake up every day and say YES to your life.
That alone, makes all the difference.
And that alone, makes all the difference here, too.


I’m saying YES to you — in a big way. Join me, won’t you?monica-zf-hands-up

Lets be AWAKE and ALIVE together,








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The Leadership Team (subject to changes and additions)

 I feel incredibly fortunate to have a powerhouse team joining me for this event. Each one brings a unique perspective, set of skills, and both professional and personal magic to round out the experience. They are:

Lea Ann Mallett
Lea Ann Mallett

Lea Ann Mallett is a wild woman, transformational coach, activist, writer and midlife momma who believes fiercely that we all have a wild place within us that feeds our magic. She has been a leader in the activist community for over two decades. For fifteen years, she served as Executive Director of two nonprofit organizations, Ecosource and Earthroots, both of which she took from struggling to successful. Her greatest desire is to make the world a better place by demonstrating to everyone that our everyday choices DO change the world. In her activism she has travelled from direct action wilderness activist to nonprofit leader, from sitting in an ancient cedar for three days to protest clear-cut logging to leading forest protests to creating thriving nonprofits. She now inspires mission-driven leaders to greater impact as a leadership coach, is creating a new vision for activism, and she creates photo-essays of life, love and connection in her blog “Becoming Undomesticated”. Her blog is


Brian Tierney
Brian Tierney

Brian Tierney, MFA, CPC, is a certified professional coach, author, teacher, and core energy leader. He is dedicated to inspiring individuals and couples to resolve conflict and overcome limitations in order to live from their full and highest self. His methodology borrows wisdom from the East and West.  He weaves the belief that our well-being is independent from our circumstances and the understanding that our disowned experiences brought into awareness can help us live a more skillful and abundant life. Brian teaches that all relationships, especially intimate relationships, present a pathway to spiritual awakening and, ultimately, freedom from unnecessary suffering. He is the co-founder with his former wife and forever-beloved of Re-Ignite Love, a relationship coaching practice designed to embrace the challenges of intimacy. In his private practice, he coaches writers, entrepreneurs, and other creatives.

Christine Conforti

Christine Conforti is hard to put into a box, or even pin down to a location. Pioneering the digital nomad lifestyle, she broadcasts her coaching and writing from various sleepy beach towns across the world. Most days include speaking a foreign language, dancing, yoga, and cooking. Her work stems from a fascination with human nature. Beyond coaching, she is authoring an upcoming book by the title “Be SUPER Human” on 8 simple lifestyle habits that create energy, clarity and confidence. Before living a 300% life (thanks to the crucial support of Monica), Christine graduated Georgetown University with a BS in International Politics and the University of Miami with a MA in Education and Social Change. She is a Teach For America Miami-Dade alumna, former United Nations Global Compact Consultant, and Mindfulness Training Facilitator for the Hawn Foundation.


Melissa Talley-Palmer
Melissa Talley-Palmer

Melissa Talley-Palmer is an Arts Administrator, community organizer and event planner with over fifteen years experience and currently works with the Philadelphia Jazz Project.  Her artistic abilities include social dance instruction and performance, writing,  production and event organizing.  She is a two time Art & Change grantee with Leeway Foundation and  instructs Bop and Cha Cha classes with her teen son, Mark at the Greater Olney Library in a collaboration with the North 5th Street Revitalization District, Greater Olney Library and Olney Youth Arts Festival. She can be contacted at

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About Monica Day

Monica Day performing Falling Into LoveMonica Day is the creator of The 300% Life, and the author of the upcoming book by the same name. She will be the lead speaker and facilitator for the event, along with a team of kick-ass-take-names workshop and small group leaders.

She is a coach, workshop leader, and overall instigator – with a deep passion for waking people up to their fullest, most expressed, most powerful life.

Other groundbreaking programs created by Monica include: The Power of One Program, Aphrodite Rising, and The Essensual Experience.

She has written, produced and performed two one-woman shows, Song of the Sacred Whore, and Falling Into Love, as well as the collective revue, The Secret Order of the Libertines. 

Before she jumped off her own edge into the abyss of persistent personal development, Monica was a sales executive, a copywriter and a marketing consultant. She is also the parent of two daughters who regularly kick her ass and make her cry in the right order at the right times.

Monica is the founder of The Sensual Life, owner of organic tea company, Ducky Life Tea, and works with corporate and individual clients as a integrated coach and consultant.

If you have questions about The 300% Life, contact her here.

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