The Sensual Life

Most of us have it…

…that nagging feeling that there must be something more to life.

We try to fill it with everything around us – bigger house, faster car, better lovers… television, video games, porn…food, drugs, sleep.

But none of it works.

It turns out that what will satisfy you is not for sale. It is not a possession. And it can’t be scheduled, managed, or put off until you have more money or time to enjoy it.

It is a way of life – we call it The Sensual Life. And it includes having more of everything you want, everyday. More fun, more feeling, more friendship. More intimacy, more desire, more pleasure. More passion, more love, more mystery.

You really can have it all. But “having it all” probably doesn’t look anything like what you thought…

Come join us and find out more.

We are creating a grown-up playground. An open mind, a desire for deeper connection with others, and a willingness to share your full self are all that’s needed to join the game. You can play here online…come to one of our events, courses or workshops…or let us custom-design a private coaching program if you’re ready to play all-out.

Open your mind, body and spirit to a new threshold of pleasure, a deeper experience of intimacy, and more fun and play than you had since you were a kid. But with the added benefit of a grown-up body, appetite and wisdom to enjoy it!

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